“Going to Burgas and not seeing the Pier is like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope”this is what any local person will tell you if you ask them about the most emblematic place in Burgas and this reply will not be just empty boasting.

Almost every walk in Burgas ends in a walk along the Pier, located in the city centre. As a natural finish of the old part of the beautiful Seaside Park, going almost 300 metres into the magnificent Black Sea, one of the symbols of Burgas attracts tourists from near and far every year.

The romance of the Pier will enthral you not only with the endless sea horizon but with the lively terraces along its length, where you can see lovers embracing each other, children with dreamy eyes and old fishermen in a heated discussion about life and people and most often sea and fish.

The Pier is a place not only for walking but also for relaxing – especially in the specifically built viewing platform, which is 22 meters high and has benches which keep the memories of many first kisses and enamoured eyes, looking dreamily towards the mysterious St. Anastasia Island.

The Pier is also connected to two of the most sacred Bulgarian holidays – St. Jordan’s Day (Epiphany) and St. Nikolay’s Day. Every year, on Epiphany (6th January), there is a solemn service and following tradition, the Bishop throws the Christian cross into the sea; brave swimmers dive into the minus temperature January sea to see who will find it first. The winner, who first caught the cross, enjoys health and prosperity throughout the year. On St. Nikolay’s Day (6th December) sailors throw wreaths into the sea to commemorate perished sailors and fishermen.

Do not miss your unforgettable walk along one of the most romantic places, not only in Burgas, but in Bulgaria; take a little piece of the magic with you and the desire to come back again…

Source: GotoBurgas.com